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The second generation of x86 16-bit processors, Intel 80286, was released in 1982. The major new feature of the 80286 microprocessor was protected mode. Instruction set was changed  by adding some new instructions to the existing six groups.

Instruction set of MP x86 consist of 6 groups:

1. Data transfer instructions.
2. Arithmetical instructions.
3. Logical operations and shift instructions.
4. Flow control instructions.
5. Chains (arrays) instructions.
6. Microprocessor control instructions.



The x86 processors support

1. the register addressing mode ,
2. the immediate addressing mode,
3. the direct addressing mode,
4. implicit addressing mode,
5. the indirect addressing mode,
6. stack addressing mode,
7. the base plus index addressing modes,
8. and the base relative plus index addressing mode.
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