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Google Glass: Don’t Be A Glasshole


Google Glass XE5 OTA Update and System Dump Download


Yesterday, Google began rolling out the first OTA (over the air) update for the Glass Explorer Edition, dubbed XE5. (Glass shipped running XE4.) This shouldn’t be surprising at all. Google has said from the beginning that Glass would receive monthly updates, during the Explorer program while they continually improve the Glass experience.  Seeing as Glass is pretty battery conscious, to get started, you’ll have to plug your Glass into your computer or your charger to begin the update process.

Note: If you’re using Head-On detection or Winky, the application that let’s you wink to take a photo, you’ll need to re-calibrate each of these after you apply the update.

What’s new in the Glass XE5 OTA Update?

  • Change to sync policy: require power + wifi for background uploads
  • Crash reporting
  • Incoming G+ notifications (direct shares, comments, +mentions), including ability to comment and +1
  • Incoming Hangout notifications
  • Transcription of queries & messages is now wicked-fast
  • Long-press to search from anywhere in the UI (no longer just from off)
  • International number dialing + SMS
  • Hop animation on disallowed swipes in the UI
  • New On-Head Detection calibration flow
  • Show device Serial Number on Device Info card
  • More reliable estimation of battery charge remaining
  • New recipient-list mosaic

If you’re big into Google+ (why aren’t you?), you’ll love this update as it adds much needed Google+ integration for notifications and Hangouts. As you can see below, the page corner is turned up because Jake replied, making this a conversation which can be viewed on Glass.


If you aren’t lucky enough to have received Glass yet, there’s still a way to tinker and look under the hood thanks to system dumps. We’ve been lucky enough to have a private system dump of the XE4 edition of Glass for a a while now and it’s proved to be a lot of fun. The guys over at Android Police have posted the updated XE5 version for your downloading pleasure. If you like to tinker with Android, we suggest you take a look.

Google Glass Fitting: Behind The Scenes

How its work Google Glass (Inside)

this is some video inside google glass and how its work, Dan McLaughlin transfer the glass screen to Android device that we can watch it>

Living with Google Glass: Day Four

A video has been take it by Google glass and we can see the quality of this video and how smooth its.
whatever i want to try it 😉
Do you want to try it or get some information about it?

Google Glass under Water (Photo)

Google Glass under Water (Photo)

in this photo we can see this man using google glass while he is taking shower and he snap Photo also :O

I want to have it … B)

Living with Google Glass, Day Three: Security Checkpoint

A new video Demo by using #Google_Glass

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