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iPad 5 Rumors Look to Display Changes


One of the consistent threads in the rumors we’ve been following regarding Apple’s next iPad – beyond it just being more like a jumbo-sized iPad mini– was that we should look for a thinner, lighter design. That’s easy enough to say, but what could Apple actually do in order to implement such changes? A new report focuses on the idea of Apple trying out some new backlighting in order to shave precious millimeters off the tablet’s cross-section.

According to analysts at NPD DisplaySearch, there are a couple things Apple could do with the iPad 5′s display, and beyond just using a thinner design for the panel’s backlight, the LEDs themselves that make up the light source could be more efficient. We’re not sure if that would lead to anything like a brighter display or additional power savings, or if any gains would be sacrificed by the general changes being made to the backlight layout.

There’s also the chance that Apple could switch to a new system for touch sensing, but precisely which technology Apple might elect to use is still a little up in the air.

We know, that still leaves a lot of uncertainty, but with an expected release date sometime in the third quarter of the year, we have lots of time to hear additional rumors about what the iPad 5 will deliver.

Source: CNET
Via: iClarified

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