This is what your next Xbox could look like

Xbox leak

Microsoft (rumoured)
This is the nearest we’ve come to an official Microsoft reveal – a leaked design document that allegedly comes direct from Redmond. Would Microsoft really make their next-gen console a Blu-ray player-shaped box? It could point to a shifting of priorities away from a pure gaming device to more of a home entertainment hub. Or it could just be a placeholder image to help keep the design a secret.
The GLaDOS look

David Hansson
If the Portal designers were charged by Microsoft to create the next Xbox this would be the result. It’s a bit over-the-top, though. Imagine this under your TV – the geek equivalent of parking a Lamborghini in your driveway.
The mobile tray

This a sleek, all-inclusive portable design that we love. The slide out touch-keyboard and touch controls on either side of that large screen look great. But looks aren’t everything. Unless this came with a full-sized controller, and the option to output to a TV we wouldn’t be happy. If it did, this could roll your PC and console into one eye-watering package – that would double perfectly as a breakfast-in-bed tray.
The boxy Xbox Box

9 Breaker
Despite its simplicity this design can’t be ignored – it’s the closest to the leaked image from the alleged Microsoft briefing document that we’ve seen so far. Box-like and basic though it might be this would fit comfortably into any self respecting futurist’s front room.next_gen_xbox_by_ivul-d5ch2d7
The Wii one

If Microsoft decided to take a few pointers from the Nintendo Wii U, this would be the result. While screens on controllers can be fun, it’s a bit of a fad that chews through battery life. And frankly, the current Xbox controller is perfect – it would be sacrilege to change it.
The tower

Xbox World
From the front cover of Xbox World Magazine, this is one of the most elegant examples we’ve seen. A side loading tray, metallic touches and the option to stand or sit all make for a simple but attractive case. It might be a bit too Wii-like for some, though – gamers like speed lines and air intakes, as proved by innumerable gaming PC rigs.



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