Twitter #music Hands-On (Video)


t’s always fun to discover new music, and one of the best ways to do that is through the people you know, either online or in real life. And since many of us spend a great deal of our online time on social media, various networks have become hotbeds for music discovery. Facebook, for example, teamed-up with Spotify to stream what you’re listening to on Spotify to your Facebook News Feed in real time.

Today, Twitter officially launched its social music discovery app, #music. (Yes, the name has a hashtag in it.) The service is only currently available on iOS and via desktop browser at The application shows what the people you follow on Twitter are listening to (assuming they share that information) when they use the #NowPlaying hashtag. It also shows what’s trending and up-and-coming artists. Using a Spotify or Rdio account, you can even stream full songs within the app, effectively turning it into yet another way to consume the services you pay for. However, if you don’t have one of these accounts, you will only hear short previews through iTunes, and to hear the full tracks, you will have to purchase them.

Twitter #music is free, and we go hands-on with the new service on the iPhone 5. Check out the video below for more!


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