Evidence Points to Secret Google Gaming Project



Google Glass is on its way out to some early adopters (those with lots of discretionary income, at least) and coming along with it is the MyGlass companion app. As it turns out, it looks like Google might have failed to properly tidy that app up before getting it ready for public distribution, as it includes files for a whole mess of Google Play Services that it doesn’t seem to need. What’s so interesting is that one of those is something that hasn’t been seen publicly before – a folder simply marked “games.”

Delving into the contents of that folder, file names start revealing hints at some sort of online gaming service. There are mentions of gaming lobbies, leaderboards, messaging services, achievements, and invitations – basically everything a full-fledged gaming service needs. Timestamps date back to last month, so this looks like a project that Google is currently working on.

It all seems pretty complete, and while the files here don’t provide a look at a user interface or anything, this could be nearly ready to go. Some speculation has been made that Google could announce this as soon as this year’s Google I/O, which sounds plausible to us. Android gaming could be about to get a lot more exciting!

Source: Android Police


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