Trio of Components Pictured for the Next iPhone?



What parts does Apple intend to build its next iPhone out of? Last month, we had the opportunity to take a look at a couple components purportedly intended for use in the iPhone 5S. As we get closer to when we’re hoping Apple will actually announce its next phone (or phones), we’re expecting to see even more of such leaked component shots, hopefully revealing a little about the phone’s construction. Today, we get a new batch of pics to share with you.

At least one of these, the dual-head vibrating motor assembly, appears to be the very same part featured in last month’s leak. The home button, on the other hand, is different from what we looked at then, and instead of part 821-1684-01, we’re looking at 821-1684-02.

We also get to see what appears to be the phone’s front-facing camera. While all these parts could be destined to appear in a new iPhone (and iLabFactory, source of these images, certainly had some legit iPhone 5 images to share before that handset launched), we have no idea just which phone that might be. Could it be the iPhone 5S, or maybe this budget-priced iPhone that keeps coming up in rumors?



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